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[Watch] Top 10 YouTube videos of 2017

YouTube has released its two top 10 lists — one for general content and one for music videos — so without further ado, here are the most watched videos of 2017.

Top 10 Trending Videos

10. Children interrupt BBC News interview

Who: BBC News; When: 10 March; Views: 25 million.

9. In a Heartbeat

Who: Beth David and Esteban Bravo; When: 31 July; Views: 32 million.

8. history of the entire world, i guess

Who: Bill Wurtz; When: 10 May; Views: 35.1 million.

7. A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s inauguration

Who: Bad Lip Reading; When: 25 January; Views: 35.1 million.

6. Lady Gaga’s Sugar Super Halftime Show

Who: NFL; When: 5 February; Views: 37.1 million.

5. Ed Sheeran’s Carpool Karaoke

Who: The Late Late Show with James Corden; When: 6 June; Views: 39.9 million.

4. Darci Lynne’s America’s Got Talent audition

Who: America’s Got Talent; When: 30 May; Views: 41.6 million.

3. Ping Pong Trick Shots

Who: Dude Perfect; When: 3 April; Views: 93.5 million.

2. Kyle Hanagami’s Shape of You choreography

Who: Kyle Hanagami; When: 13 January; Views: 119 million.

1. The Mask Singer

Who: WorkpointOfficial; When: 1 June; Views: 182.1 million.

Top 10 Music videos

10. Enrique Iglesias – SUBEME LA RADIO ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox

Who: Enrique Iglesias; When: 24 February; Views: 863.6 million.

9. DJ Khaled – I’m the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

Who: DJ Khaled; When: 28 April; Views: 869.5 million.

8. Jason Derulo – Swalla ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

Who: Jason Derulo; When: 17 March; Views: 917 million.

7. El Amante – Nicky Jam

Who: Nicki Jam; When: 15 January; Views: 97.3 million.

6. Chris Jeday – Ahora Dice ft. J. Balvin, Ozuna, Arcángel

Who: Chris Jeday; When: 19 March; Views: 1 billion.

5. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

Who: Bruno Mars; When: 1 March; Views: 1.1 billion.

4. Maluma – Felices los 4

Who: Maluma; When: 21 April; Views: 1.2 billion.

3. J Balvin, Willy William – Mi Gente

Who: J Balvin; When: 29 June; Views: 1.4 billion.

2. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Who: Ed Sheeran; When: 30 January; Views: 2.8 million.

1. Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

Who: Luis Fonsi; When: 12 January; Views: 4.5 billion.

Views were counted on 6 December 2017.

Author | Julia Breakey

Julia Breakey
Julia is a UCT film graduate with a passion for dogs, media, and dog-centric media. If she's not gushing about the new television show that you need to watch, she's rewatching The Good Place (which you need to watch). More

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