This is what happens when you call the Gwara Gwara the stanky leg

Rihanna lit up the Grammy stage last night with her performance of “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled, but it was her final dance move, the local Gwara Gwara, that really tickled South African senses.

So when US-based publication called the move the stanky leg, it was met with an appropriate level of ire.

While the stanky leg adopts a similar stance, it is not the Gwara Gwara. The former sees the dancer move their leg in a circular motion and then alternate to the opposite leg. The local Gwara Gwara is a more linear movement from left to right and involves the arm. It does not alternate.

Twitter users were quick to point out Vulture’s mistake. One warned of the danger of frustrated Joburgers, another called for respect.

“Ask before you give our dance style your name,” wrote user @MohlatlegoMakh2.

A quote tweet that grew even more popular than the original labelled the publication an “uncultured swine”.

The majority called for the Vulture to delete the tweet.

US writer Roxane Gay, perhaps best known for her essay collection Bad Feminist, also took the time to call the publication out.

It’s not every day that South African dance moves make it to the global stage, so when it does, you best make sure you don’t undermine that achievement.

Catch the full performance below.



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