Last week in trailers: Red Sparrow, Black Panther, Teen Titans Go! and more

Red Sparrow

Last week felted like it lasted eons. The logical reason is that the first week back at work always feels like that — but I’m going to blame it on movie studios and their not-so-exciting trailer lineup.

That makes way more sense.

Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence sports a terrible wig and a Russian accent in this first full trailer for Red Sparrow.

Directed by Francis Lawrence (who also worked with the actress in the Hunger Games franchise), the film tells of a “master of seductive and manipulative combat” who has too much of a soul to truly become the best.

Catch Red Sparrow in SA cinemas 2 March.

Black Panther

Black Panther recently became the best-selling Marvel film for the first day of presales, and it’s not hard to see why.

The trailers have promised everything: racial representation, a decorated cast, beautiful CGI, and tons of action.

Black Panther leaps into theatres 16 February.


Here’s a film about the struggles in the Middle East as told by Americans.

Starring Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike, Beirut follows a former US diplomat who heads back to the Lebanon capital to save a friend from the group who killed his family.

The film is out 18 May.

Breaking In

Starring Gabrielle Union, Breaking In is a film about a mother who travels to her late father’s home with her two kids.

The catch? It’s built like a fortress, and it doesn’t take long for group of armed men to lock her out and her children in.

Breaking In doesn’t yet have a South African release, but it will be in the US on 13 May.

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

Logan Lerman and Elle Fanning star in this mystery about fictional novelist Sidney Hall, whose quick rise to fame sends him on a rapid downwards spiral.

The film hasn’t been doing too hot with critics, receiving a meagre 17% from six reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, though IMDb rates it at a 7.8.

If you’re looking to decide for yourself who’s right, you may have to wait. The film will not receive a wide release, and there is no sign of it on the SA circuit as yet.


From the creators of JunoTully is a film about a mother of three who is gifted a night nanny by her brother.

Though this teaser gives off psychological thriller vibes, Tully is actually a comedy starring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis. You’d never guess.

It opens in SA 11 May 2018.

Ghost Stories

Here’s the official trailer for Ghost Stories, a film about a psychology professor, Phillip Goodman, who has his rationality tested when he’s sent a letter by his dead mentor.

The mentor — apparently still alive — sends Goodman on a mission to solve the mysteries of three haunted individuals, each with their own creepy, uncanny story to tell.

Ghost Stories doesn’t yet have an SA release, but it will be in the UK 13 April 2018.

Altered Carbon

From the uncanny to the uncanned — Netflix’s Altered Carbon is a sci-fi about frozen human bodies kept for dead rich people to insert their consciousnesses into.

Brought back to life after 250 years, an ex-Envoy soldier is tasked with solving the murder of the richest man alive for a chance at a second life.

Altered Carbon premieres on Netflix 2 February.


Are you ready for the weirdest trailer on this list? Bartlett is a six-part streaming comedy series about ad execs in Silicon Valley.

And that’s all I have for you. Also Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is in it as some form of Jesus. So.

Catch Bartlett on Vimeo 30 January.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Remember when everyone loved the changes to the Teen Titans so much they demanded even more hours of content to consume? No? That’s because they didn’t.

Yet here we are with Teen Titans Go! To the Movies trailer that is simultaneously self-aware and 10% a fart joke. Neat.

Catch Teen Titans Go! in cinemas 24 August.

Feature image: screenshot, Red Sparrow trailer via YouTube/20th Century Fox



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