Instagram’s @design account will give you extreme desk envy

instagram @design account

You’re probably already sick of being at work, am I right? But what if I told you that your desk is pretty damn boring too? Thankfully, I don’t have to, but Instagram most certainly will.

The company this week (pushing aside Facebook’s woes for a moment) announced its new official account @design. Yes, that handle is probably the envy of designer influencers across the world, but so are the scenes it captures.

This was a temporary workspace for the designer and artist @camillewalala, who set up her sketchbook next to a pancake breakfast while on holiday on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It’s not so different from her desk at home in London: It’s bold and bright, and covered with stationary, collages and good pencils. And her London workspace also includes something delicious. Well, sort of: “A fake ice cream sundae that I brought back from Japan,” Camille said, describing the most unusual thing on her desk. “The kind used to show what a restaurant has on its menu.” 📷: @camillewalala For the launch of @design, we asked six designers we admire to share their #deskview and their design philosophies. #fromwhereiwork . . . #deskbreakfast #onmydesk #desksetup

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The account is reportedly brought into this world by the company’s design team (because they don’t care if you want a reverse chronological feed) to snap pictures of minimalist desks, green work surfaces and, you guessed it, trendy colour palettes.

At the time of writing around 1100 people follow the account, but that’ll likely grow rapidly as the company continues to tweet about it.

Give the @design account a gander here.

Feature image: Instagram

Andy Walker, former editor


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