How screen recording can be used in different ways [Sponsored]

As its name suggests, screen recording refers to any video recording that is sourced directly from your screen – and is sometimes referred to as screen capture or screencast recording. Most people have a fairly linear idea of how screen recording can be used however, and do not fully appreciate its potential.

The fact of the matter is that because screen recording will let you record any and all video footage from your screen – there are several ways in which you could choose to use it:

Creating how-to guides or demonstrations of software and apps

Generally how-to guides and demonstrations is what most people associated screen recording with, and it is the manner in which it is most commonly used. Because it can record footage of software and apps, it is perfect for the task – and indeed can also be used for other digital products.

Saving online streaming videos

One of the lesser-known yet extremely useful ways in which screen recording can be used is to save online streaming videos. Simply put screen recording will let you record any online streaming video directly from your screen – regardless of whether it is on social media, video sharing platforms, random websites, or even apps.

Compared to other methods of saving online streaming videos, screen recording is the most universal as it has no limitations in terms of the videos that it can save.

Recording video calls and conferences

Another useful way to use screen recording is to record and save video calls or conferences. Unlike other methods of communication such as email or instant messaging, video calling platforms tend to lack any method of saving the contents of the conversation.

Screen recording can help to bridge that gap, and it is particularly useful for important video calls or even business meetings conducted as video conferences.

Reporting bugs or requesting technical support

If you’ve ever had difficulty documenting a bug or describing the problem you were facing when requesting technical support – screen recording can make it easier. Instead of stumbling over yourself trying to paint a picture with words, you can use it to record a video of the bug or problem that you’re facing.

While this is definitely one of the least popular ways in which screen recording is used, it can be helpful at times.

Needless to say if you want to use screen recording in any of the ways highlighted above – first you’ll need a screen recorder. One of the best ways to get started with screen recording Mac is to try Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac, as it will let you quickly and easily start to record any footage that you want from your screen.

Not only will Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac let you fully adjust all the recording parameters so that you record exactly the footage that you need – but it has its very own built-in editor too. With the features it provides you can cut and join video segments, enhance video quality, apply special effects and filters, add background music, insert animated transitions, and more.

In short Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you not only use screen recording in any way you see fit, but it will also equip you with the tools you need to create impressive videos with its help. All in all it is a versatile tool, and one that you should make it a point to try out.

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