Canadian college offers new qualification in growing cannabis

You can soon leave college in Canada with a qualification in growing cannabis.

Yes Elon, weed.

Ontario’s Niagara College, CBC reports, recently debuted its cannabis programme which teaches students the fundamentals of cultivating and caring for the versatile herb.

“Students will get intensive hands-on training in growing pot with classes that focus on topics like plant nutrition, climate control, pest control and plant selection,” the report adds.

Courses about Canada’s cannabis legislation are also taught.

Even with the prospect of sitting through boring legal chatter, the course as a whole is proving extremely popular. Reportedly only 24 spots are available, but more than 300 people applied.

Those who do graduate the course are also enrolled in a field placement programme, which helps graduates land post-college job in the field (or greenhouse).

From 17 October, recreational use of cannabis will be legal for adults in Canada, giving adults the right to carry up to 30 grams at any one time.

If you’re not into computer science or marketing, this specific horticulture qualification seems like a short route to the high life in Canada.

Read the full, quite engrossing report over on CBC.

Feature image: Michael Fischer via Pexels

Andy Walker, former editor


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