Donald Trump’s fist pump before 9/11 memorial has gone viral

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A picture of US President Donald Trump fist-pumping supporters on his way to a 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania has gone viral.

Although a full length video of the President acknowledging supporters doesn’t seem out of character for the exuberant 72-year-old, a still of the moment, captured by AP photographer Evan Vucci, is far less flattering.

On Tuesday, as America observed the 17th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Trump, his wife Melania and security detail were pictured at an airfield apron.

The difference in facial expressions between the seemingly elated Trump and his sombre wife is the most striking difference in the image.

Reddit couldn’t help but point this out.

On r/memeeconomy on Tuesday, the picture was recommended as a new meme format, receiving 1600 comments with 31 400 positive karma. It was 91% upvoted at the time of writing.

The snap found its way onto other subreddits too, including r/politicalhumor and r/TinyTrumps (yes, the latter one is actually a subreddit).

This is Going to be Great! from r/PoliticalHumor

On Twitter, the picture proved “popular” too.

On 11 September 2001, two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre’s north and south towers. Two other planes crashed in Washington D.C.’s Pentagon and a field in rural Pennsylvania.

In total, nearly 3000 people were killed.

Feature image: screenshot, r/memeeconomy via Reddit

Andy Walker, former editor


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