You can now create custom emoji stickers on Google’s Gboard

Google Gboard Mini Emoji

Google has revealed a new feature on its mobile keyboard app that lets you create your own personalised emoji stickers.

“Today, we’re introducing emoji style Mini stickers for Gboard, designed for those who may have stared into the eyes of emoji and not seen yourself staring back,” said Google on its blog.

The stickers, which are created by taking a selfie, are the same as your everyday emojis, they just happen to come in three customisable variants – emoji, bold and sweet.

While emoji is a given, the company explains that bold is “for when you might be feeling a little extra, and sweet for when you want a softer touch”.

“Minis use a combination of machine learning and artistry to create illustrated stickers based on your selfie,” Google noted further.

“After you take a selfie, emoji Minis use Google’s machine learning algorithms, known as neural networks, to suggest a skin tone, hair style and accessories that you can fine tune.”

After this process, you’re free to customise and can “choose a colour for your hair, facial hair or different types of head coverings and eyewear”, you can even add things like freckles or wrinkles.

The feature is available on both Android and iOS versions of the app.

Feature image: Google

Shereesa Moodley


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