Happy Halloween: the best horror movies of 2018

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In celebration of yet another fright-filled Halloween, we have decided to roundup some of the best horror movies of 2018. If you’re looking to turn this Halloween into the most terrifying one yet, then look no further than these strange and chilling films…

A Quiet Place

Some of the best horrors films are ones that spend more time alluding to a threat than immediately shoving it in your face. A Quiet Place is one such film and it uses this technique to great effect.

A Quiet Place provides us with an interesting premise: we follow a family in an alternative future where strange creatures of unknown origin have wiped out most of humanity in mere months. While the alien invasion premise is one that has been extensively explored in most forms of media, what sets these extra-terrestrials apart is that they only attack anything that makes a sound, forcing all remaining survivors to live their lives in an uneasy and tense silence.

If you’re looking for something different, A Quiet Place is one of your best bets.


Hereditary is one of 2018’s strangest and most unnerving horror films. We follow a family who slowly unearths strange secrets about their family after the death of their odd and secretive grandmother. The mother of the family, Annie (Toni Collette), soon after begins to see unexplained visions that leads to her joining a support group, knowing that her family has a history of mental illness.

But as these visions gradually become worse and are later accompanied by strange and shocking events, such as the inexplicable desecration of the grandmother’s grave, we start to wonder if there isn’t more to this terrifying picture.

The Ritual

The Ritual follows a group of friends who go hiking in the Scandinavian wilderness, a trip they take to honour a late friend. But what starts out as a heart-warming gathering slowly turns into an unsettling horror where the line between reality and myth becomes increasingly blurred.

One of the group members accidentally ends up spraining his ankle on this hike, forcing them to take an off-route shortcut through the nearby woodlands to quickly reach the nearest hospital. As most horror movies go, things quickly get strange as they start encountering strange symbols, inexplicable noises and unnerving sights such as a mutilated elk hanging from a tree.

The tension gradually builds and it eventually becomes clear that something very strange haunts this forest, but The Ritual takes it time before the big reveal. But once that moment comes, it’s clear that the group has found themselves in a terrifying situation.


Annihilation is certainly one of the most atmospheric, visually striking and intelligent horror films featured on this list. Based on the Jeff VanderMeer novel of the same name, this film follows a group of scientists who are tasked with exploring a strange Earth-based phenomenon called the “Shimmer” that seems like it might be a portal to another dimension.

Inside we are treated to strange world where nature has evolved into something quite different than the world we know beyond the borders of the Shimmer. While Annihilation is classified as more of a sci-fi, it boasts undeniable and chilling elements of horror that will haunt your dreams for quite some time.


Apostle takes place in 1905 and tells the story of a man called Thomas (Dan Stevens) who has to infiltrate an island-based religious cult to save his sister who is being held for ransom. But once he gets there he realizes that might be easier said than done as the three cult leaders have an iron grip on the community and any sings of rebellion or doubt are dealt with swiftly and violently. But as the story progresses, it also becomes clear that the cult might be the least bizarre thing operating on the island.

Apostle is does a great job of keeping you guessing and hanging on the edge of your seat. Just be warned, things often take a dark and gruesome turn.

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