Game of Thrones series finale prediction: who kills who for the throne?

This coming Monday, Game of Thrones will come to an end when the season 8 and series finale airs worldwide.

After last week’s shocker episode, fans are convinced that the show is going to conclude in a less than satisfactory way.

The show has adopted a rather rushed tone, and many characters have had their arcs pulled in every direction except the ones we all hoped for. This is however, the nature of Game of Thrones.

Personally, the narrative is still excellent, even if it could have done with a bit more development before effectively destroying one of the show’s best characters and potential ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

While I’m well aware that there will probably be even more jaw-dropping moments in the finale, I still can’t help feeling like the story only has one morally good ending. Someone has to kill Daenerys Targaryen for the good of the people, and I think it will be one of three of her best allies.

Jon Snow

The true heir to the Iron Throne might not want to be king, but after his Queen burnt an entire city of innocents to the ground, it is clear that someone else has to rule the kingdom.

He is also the best candidate, emulating the honour-bound heroism of the late Ned Stark.

Unfortunately, Jon might hesitate to kill Dany because he loves her.

Perhaps his honour can convince him that it would be for the greater good?

Tyrion Lannister

Someone who is definitely capable of killing for the greater good is Tyrion Lannister.

Arguably one of the show’s smartest characters, Tyrion tried his hardest to prevent a massacre in the city and save his siblings.

Even though he succeeded in getting King’s Landing to surrender, he did not manage to convince his Queen to spare the city.

Undoubtedly, Tyrion knows Varys was right, and that Dany will be as much of a tyrant ruler as all the tyrants she eliminated in the name of “justice”.

The Hand of the Queen is also a morally just character, even though he is more cunning than Jon Snow.

My only concern is that Dany might kill him before he has the chance to kill her.

Arya Stark

The assassin is more than equipped to kill the Mad Queen, and the entire season has been drawing an increased amount of attention to her character.

After her role in defeating the White Walkers, Arya has as much power on Game of Thrones as anyone.

Episode 5 also took the time to concentrate on Arya experiencing Dany’s crime from the people’s perspective.

It seems that Arya’s escape sequence builds the necessary motive she needs to murder Dany. She was helplessly trying to save innocent children from burning alive, almost dying several times in the process.

If Arya riding off through a city of ashes on a white horse wasn’t alluding to her adding Dany’s name to her infamous kill list, I will be very surprised.

What if Daenerys isn’t killed?

Of course, Game of Thrones and happy endings are complete strangers, so Dany might not die at all. Perhaps she will kill all her enemies and continue to feed the vicious cycle she was once intent on breaking. Or maybe she will ask for forgiveness and come to her senses.

It’s all just speculation until Monday.

Feature image: screenshot, Game of Thrones via YouTube

Shereesa Moodley


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