Trevor Noah: IAAF punishing Caster Semenya for being ‘too good at running’

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Trevor Noah may be a comedian, but he often provides salient commentary in moments that need a voice of reason.

His latest focus on this week’s The Daily Show was Caster Semenya, and the South African sprinter’s treatment by the IAAF. The global athletics ruling body recently noted that she would need to suppress her natural hormone levels to compete in women’s short distance sprinting events. It also noted that she’d be allowed to compete in men’s events.

Noah finds this all too ridiculous. Or, well, he uses a stronger word.

“As a South African I might be biased, but this is some bullshit,” he began. “It’s not like she’s doping. She didn’t change her body in any way to gain an advantage. She just has a natural advantage, which is what happens in all sports.”

He believed that he body was punishing Caster Semenya for simply being too good at running.

Of course, jokes about Tonya Harding and Shaq were expected too.

The clip, published to Twitter late on Wednesday, has since racked up more than 155 000 views, with 11 000 likes and 5200 retweets.

View it below.

Feature image: screenshot, @TheDailyShow via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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