5 subreddits that will definitely make you go ‘WTF?’

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Reddit is a strange land in which its community members seemingly live in harmony. Perhaps it works because each user has their favourite subreddits, channels that concentrate distinct topics and information. But often you’ll find some subreddits that will make you do a double take.

Here are just five that we’ve come across this week that made us stop, stare and go “wtf?”


No, the fact that people browse dumpsters and find pretty incredible technology, unspoiled food, and artwork doesn’t surprise us. What does make us question everything is why people throw things away in the first place. In a few posts, we’ve seen dumpster divers find working iMacs, functioning smart TVs, and even massive Ferrero Rocher balls. Like, wtf do people throw these things away?

60” 1080p Samsung smart tv from 2016. Just needed to replace a single transistor and it works perfectly! Model UN60J6200 from r/DumpsterDiving


Just as most people shouldn’t be allowed to operate heavy machinery, some people just shouldn’t drive. This sub’s dedicated to documenting all the daft and utterly ridiculous things people do in cars. And no, these aren’t all clips from Russian YouTube videos either. Most are from dashcams or ordinary people witnessing extraordinary events.

“You’ll never make the off-ramp” … “Challenge accepted.” from r/IdiotsInCars


Let’s get meta for a second. In this particular subreddit, humans are only allowed to post comments. The posts themselves are created entirely by bots, and the results are honestly the most ridiculous crap you’ll see on the internet. One post reads “We live in a huge Keanu Reeves is the result of decompression damage“. I mean, obviously it was worth the three hours I spent browsing this sub. Who needs sleep anyway?


Any guesses what this one’s about? No?

This sub is dedicated to listing and parodying the oddest WikiHow images from the web. The original image on the sub was from a WikiHow on how to plan for a Disney vacation. It’s been incredibly strange ever since.

How to watch porn in UK without a licence from r/disneyvacation


This sub really isn’t interesting. Seriously. But that’s what makes it interesting. It’s complicated. But this portal of the internet is dedicated to understanding the more mundane aspects of human life. We really are very ordinary. And that, dear reader, makes us special.

The first image to come up when you search “not interesting” from r/notinteresting

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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