South Africa wants the Proteas home early after a third Cricket World Cup loss

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If you think South Africa’s serious about its politics, wait until you see it react to its national sports teams underperforming.

Case in point: the Proteas.

The national cricket team is currently enjoying a less than stellar start to a World Cup.

Today the Proteas lost to India by six wickets. It’s was the team’s third defeat in a row, and in terms of the points table, puts it ninth in the ten-team tournament.

The situation’s pretty dire, and opinions on Twitter aren’t what you’d call rosy.

Some want to bring the Proteas home immediately.

“Are the Proteas obligated to play the rest of their World Cup games? Asking for the morale of the nation,” tweeted one user.

Some spewed some hilarious truths.

Others used memes as a coping mechanism…

And GIFs…

Some however offered words of encouragement.

Former Protea Alviro Petersen believed that the Proteas should “use it or lose it” (although we’re pretty sure that’s rugby term).

The matches aren’t about to get any either either. On Monday 10 June, the Proteas face the West Indies — the second-placed team on the log at present.

Hopefully by then, the team will let us post memes celebrating a victory.

Feature image: South African cricket team supporters in 2009, by fivelocker via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0, resized)

Andy Walker, former editor


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