3 oddly meaningful animated series on Netflix you should watch

Love, Death and Robots Netflix

There’s no arguing with the fact that some animated movies have the knack of hitting you straight in the feels. Anything made by the likes of Pixar is a testament to this. There are, however, a number of great shows on Netflix I was previously unfamiliar with until now.

When it comes to animated series the likes of BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty should go without saying.

So, if you’re looking to binge some light-hearted, comedic and oddly meaningful series, here are three animated shows you can find on Netflix that are definitely worth a watch.

Final Space

If I were to sum up Final Space I would call it bittersweet, made up of cute, touching and lightly amusing moments.

The series follows Gary Godspeed as he forms deep bonds with friends while serving out a prison sentence in outer space. The gang goes on to attempt saving the universe from an evil Lord Commander, making many sacrifices in the process.

The two-season TBS series is thoughtful, often sweet and tear-jerking. Unfortunately, only one season is currently on Netflix.

Love, Death and Robots

This series is weird and might throw you off balance in the first few minutes of every episode as you try to figure out what’s going on.

Beyond each episode starting slap-bang in the middle of what I think would have been much more interesting stories, they all hold their own little Black Mirror-esque significance.

The 18-episode anthology addresses apocalyptic themes and alternative realities that flit between fantastical and uncomfortable. Ultimately, however, Love, Death, and Robots draws you in and makes you think about society and its relation to those three titular words.


This is one of those series I saw a trailer for, put on “My List” and never actually got down to watching until much, much later.

As the title suggests, Disenchantment is based in a perverse version of medieval times of fantasy and follows an alcoholic princess and her friends. Instead of things being whimsical and romanticised, the show its more of a satire and touches on oppressive and questionable norms in society — with the added dose of dark, adult humour.

There are currently ten Disenchantment episodes on Netflix, with more set to drop over the next few years.

If you’re like me, and enjoy absorbing content with a bit more value beyond mindless entertainment, and some insightfulness, there might be a host of animated shows that you’re missing out on.

Feature image: screenshot, Netflix (Love, Death and Robots) via YouTube

Shereesa Moodley


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