Sony and Yamaha to launch self-driving entertainment cart in 2020

Sony Yamaha

Sony and Yamaha have partnered up to create the SC-1 Sociable Cart, a new self-driving mode of transport designed for entertainment purposes.

“Sony and Yamaha Motor will deploy it to provide fun new diversions at venues such as golf courses, amusement parks, and commercial facilities,” Sony said in a press release.

Though the SC-1 will not go on sale to us regular people, both companies believe the new cart will provide the perfect opportunity to combine customer entertainment with advertising.

Instead of windows, the five-seater cart features a range of image sensors and high-definition displays where digital ads can be displayed.

“Furthermore, analysing the images obtained via the image sensor with artificial intelligence (AI) enables the information being streamed to be interactive,” Sony explained.

This means the Sociable Cart, which can reach a maximum speed of 19km/h, can target ads based on how you look.

As for entertainment, the cart also features Sony’s mixed reality technology.

“This turns the area that used to be taken up by windows, where passengers could only see the scenery, into an entertainment area, thereby enabling a more enjoyable mobility experience,” Sony noted.

While the interior includes one 49-inch 4K screen, the exterior boasts four more 55-inch models.

“Also, in addition to normal operation by the passengers, the SC-1 can also be operated remotely by someone viewing the images via the cloud,” Sony added.

Sony and Yamaha plan to launch the ad-driven SC-1 Sociable Cart in early 2020.

Feature image: Yamaha

Shereesa Moodley


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