Apple Music (beta) is now accessible through your web browser

apple music web beta

You can now access Apple Music directly from the web, much like its rivals Spotify and Google Play Music.

The music service is currently available through a beta version of its service, which can be accessed through any browser.

This means Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

The debut of the beta also means you needn’t have the Apple Music app installed to use it.

While most of the content you’ll find on the Apple Music app’s present — even the recommendation and user catalogue features.

You also get a dark theme, as well as the option to browse some pre-made playlists too.

The move may seem insignificant, but it’s an important one for Apple. Its major rivals have been available for use in web browsers for ages now. And in its race to catch Spotify’s 230-million subscriber figure, opening its Music platform to more people via the browser just makes sense.

It also makes it easier for current subscribers to access the service wherever they are, and whatever device they’re using.

To access your library and use the service, you can hit up the beta right here. You’ll need to sign-in with your Apple details to play full songs, of course.

If you’re only interested in dipping your toe, you can navigate and play snippets of audio freely.

Feature image: screenshot, Apple Music beta

Andy Walker, former editor


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