Facebook debuts its new healthcare tool for US users

Facebook preventative health

Facebook on Monday revealed a new tool called Preventative Health that will help users discover a number of health resources like tests and checkups in the United States.

“The tool allows people to mark when tests are completed, set reminders to schedule future tests and tell loved ones about the tool to increase awareness of preventive care,” the company explained on its website.

Additionally, users can also access the tool to find out where they can get flu shots as well.

According to Facebook, users can search for Preventative Health on their mobile Facebook app to find these recommendations, which are based on factors like age and sex.

“Personal information about your activity in Preventive Health is not shared with third parties, such as health organizations or insurance companies,” the company further noted.

Preventative Health is currently exclusive to users in the United States, where Facebook has teamed up with organisations like the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Beyond helping users stay healthy, Facebook is also working to keep users well-informed too. Just last week, the company revealed its new dedicated news platform, Facebook News.

Feature image: Facebook

Shereesa Moodley


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