Wirelessly move music between rooms with Google’s ‘stream transfer’

Google Home Mini, atream transfer

Owners of Google smart speakers and displays can now stream content across multiple devices using the company’s new “stream transfer” feature.

Revealed by Google on Tuesday, stream transfer allows users to “easily move music, videos, podcasts and more between compatible devices”.

This means that users can now seamlessly move from one device to the next via Google Assistant, the Google Home app and Google Nest as well.

“Start playing music on the Google Home Mini in your kitchen, and keep the vibe going in the living room. Just say, ‘Hey Google, move the music to the living room speaker,'” Google explained on its blog.

The feature also allows you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

“Transfer music from a single speaker to the speaker group to fill your whole home with music,” the company said further.

In addition to being compatible with various music streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music, stream transfer can also be used to play YouTube videos across Google smart displays too.

In September, the company also revealed Ambient Mode for Google Assistant, a feature that gives users a “visual overview” of notifications on Google smart devices.

Feature image: Google

Shereesa Moodley


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