Google Assistant now lets you create lists, search for podcasts and share photos

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Google on Friday added a range of new features to Google Assistant in an effort to simplify voice-enabled productivity.

“Starting to roll out today, you can use your Assistant to create and manage your notes and lists in Google Keep,, AnyList, or Bring! across Assistant-enabled phones and smart speakers,” the company said on its news blog.

Users can now enable support for third party list apps via the Assistant, where they can say things like “Hey Google, create a holiday gift list”. Additionally, users can use the Assistant to search for and listen to podcasts too.

“When you ask the Assistant for podcasts about a certain topic — ‘Hey Google, find a podcast about holiday cooking’ — it’ll suggest relevant episodes for you,” Google explained.

Meanwhile, users can also ask the Assistant to search for photos and share them directly by saying “Hey Google, look up photos from this weekend”.

According to Google, the new features are available on all Assistant-enabled phones.

In November, the company also released a news-reading Assistant feature in the United States.

Feature image: Memeburn

Shereesa Moodley


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