Herman Mashaba: ‘I believe in South Africa and South Africans’

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It’s been a bit of a rough week for South Africa. With SAA ailing, Eskom crumbling, and mayors falling, it’s a week that have left many feeling defeated. But former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba believes you shouldn’t lose faith in the country just yet.

After speaking out against the city’s newly-elected mayor Geoff Makhubo, and the reports that DA councillors voted for the ANC candidate, Mashaba has issued some words of hope.

“I believe in South Africa & South Africans. I will not give up and neither must you. This week’s chaos shows that SA needs real solutions — not politics as usual,” he tweeted on Friday, complete with the hashtag #SASpeaks.

“Our political system is broken, but, South Africa is full of potential. We want to believe, we want hope for a better future & we, the people know what needs to be done to fix our country,” he continued.

Of course, South Africans didn’t see it that way. Some criticised Mashaba’s resignation from the DA, relinquishing the mayorship of Johannesburg.

“Isn’t it a bit embarrassing? You had such good mandate to sort out JHB. No one trusts you now. Why did you give it all away to the ANC?” wrote one user.

Mashaba  unveils ‘The People’s Dialogue’

Mashaba also announced the debut of “The People’s Dialogue”.

It currently takes the form of an online survey which will “begin an engagement with South Africans about forging a better future for our country,” he added.

“What do you think are the most important issues facing South Africa today?” the site asks visitors, with other questions asking citizens for their solutions.

It’s not clear if The People’s Dialogue will form the base of a future political party, but we wouldn’t rule it out.

Feature image: screenshot, Herman Mashaba via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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