Facebook introduces stricter rules for groups

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Following repeated criticism for its handling of hate speech and misinformation (which resulted in an advertising boycott earlier this year), Facebook has introduced some stricter rules for groups on the social network.

These news rules will prevent admins of removed groups from simply starting up another group.

“Going forward, admins and moderators of groups taken down for policy violations will not be able to create any new groups for a period of time,” the company said in a product update.

It also introduces 30-day restriction on users guilty of breaking Facebook community standards in their groups.

For users who violate these rules, their posts will require approval from group admins before they appear in the group.

“For members who have any Community Standards violations in a group, their posts in that group will now require approval for the next 30 days. This stops their post from being seen by others until an admin or moderator approves it,” Facebook says.

It adds that admins or moderators that repeatedly approve posts that violate Facebook community standards will see their groups removed.

The social network will also stop adding conspiracy theory and US-based militia groups to its group recommendations.

This may be in response to criticism following Facebook’s handling of the Kenosha Guard Facebook page shortly before the fatal Kenosha shooting in August.

Health groups will also no longer appear in group recommendations, to help limit the spread of health misinformation.

Facebook archiving groups with inactive mods

Another change coming to the social network is its archiving plan. Facebook says that it will archive any groups that have not had admin for some time.

You may have noticed Facebook notifications asking if you want to become a group admin in the past few days.

According the company, if the last active admin has stepped down, Facebook will invite other users to take over the role.

“If no invited members accept, we will suggest admin roles to members who may be interested. If no one accepts, we’ll archive the group,” Facebook says.

The company adds that it will continue to adjust its group rules to limit the spread of harmful content.

Feature image: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash 

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