EskomSePush app temporarily suspended from Google Play Store

eskomsepush load shedding app

Loadshedding app EskomSePush was temporarily suspended from the Google Play Store this week.

Herman Maritz, co-creator of the app, shared the news of the suspension on Twitter on 14 March.

Rather than the suspension stemming from issues with the app itself, it seemed to come from user-generated content.

The app has a chat functionality, with moderators and the ability to report users. Maritz noted that these are the necessary protocols in place according to Google policies.

However, he later posted an update saying the app was removed because the report feature allows users to “Report User” rather than just “Report”.

Maritz also shared a reply from Google that cited this as the reason.

“Your app currently only includes feature [sic] to flag inappropriate users. According to User Generated Content policy, the app must provide a user-friendly, in-app system for reporting objectionable UGC (objectionable content) and take action against that UGC where appropriate,” the Google response said.

The issue has since been resolved, with EskomSePush restored on the Play Store.

However, Maritz notes that better communication from Google could’ve sped the process up.

With loadshedding set to last until 17 March, the end to the suspension will be a welcome turn for the app company, which serves ads to users.

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