How to add sticker links to your Instagram Stories

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Instagram has announced it is making the option to add links in Stories in the form of stickers available to all its app users.

Previously, the social media app limited the option to verified accounts or those with a certain number of followers.

“Over the years, businesses, creators and change-makers have shown how sharing resources and information can inspire their communities,” Instagram said in a blog post.

“From organizing and educating around equity, social justice and mental well-being to showcasing new product drops to customers, link sharing is helpful in many ways — so now we’re giving access to everyone.”

Earlier this month, Instagram introduced the option for users to check their account status and if the app was suffering an outage.

How to add links to your Stories on Instagram

To create and post a Story, click the New Post icon at the top of the Instagram homepage.

From there, scroll to the right until you reach the Story option.

Once you’ve captured a photo or video, click on the Sticker icon at the top of the display bring up the options. Click the “Link” sticker to add your link and then click “Done”.

You can manoeuvre the sticker on your Story to select the ideal position. You can also click on it to choose different colour variations.

Instagram is also working on ways for users to customise their sticker links. This will let you choose what viewers see when they click on them.

Instagram accounts that repeatedly share content that violates the app’s community guidelines will not be able to use link stickers.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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