Everlytic gains more accolades for its leadership in multichannel messaging

Everlytic MD JD Engelbrecht
JD Engelbrecht, Managing Director, Everlytic

Everlytic, which offers smart digital messaging software for meaningful business relationships, has been selected as a runner-up for the Technology Company of the Year Awards for 2021 at Africa Tech Week. This helps further demonstrate why the company is the most chosen enterprise email provider in the South African market.

“Everlytic has transitioned from its initial focus on bulk email and SMS into offering a multi-channel platform that offers globally competitive automation functionality. We have found the balance between cost-effectiveness, richness of features, ease of use, multi-channel capabilities, best-in-market delivery rates, and superior support. This has helped the company to show revenue growth of 30% year-on-year over the past two years, while we have also grown our workforce by over 30 members,” says JD Engelbrecht, MD at Everlytic.

With over a decades’ experience, Everlytic is the leading communication platform in Africa and has hundreds of enterprise customers across all industries. It provides a growth journey for every stage of the customer lifecycle, which helps support clients at every level of their bulk communication journey, from when they start sending bulk messages, to dabbling in personalisation, and finally, to becoming a fully equipped Communication Automator.

Engelbrecht adds that Everlytic offers the best-in-market blended message delivery rates that outperform those of both local and international competitors. This rate includes all types of message traffic and not just transactional messages like OTPs where a high rate is expected.

The company is now one of South Africa’s largest bandwidth consumers, processing 4.5TB per day, and sending out 6.6 billion emails in 2021, up from 5.5 billion the previous year.

“The strength of our business lies in the agile culture of continuous innovation and an intense customer focus. We welcome SMEs with powerful features at affordable rates that help them grow their businesses, but our core strength and focus lies in our ability to take large and growing enterprise clients on a growth journey using our world-class platform, whilst understanding the specific needs of corporate clients. We provide above-market features at below-market rates with unmatched service, and have since 2019 introduced features such as web push, automated voice, eCommerce, and Interest-based tagging to maintain our position as a globally-competitive bulk communication and automation platform,” says Engelbrecht.

Separately, Englebrecht was listed among ‘The 10 Best Performing Technology Leaders of 2021’ by Insight Success Magazine. Insights Success provides a platform to all C-level professionals, managers, and HR practitioners of organisations, to flaunt their innovative style of conducting business and the way of delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen the market share.

This article is supplied and sponsored by Everlytic.



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