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Swedish streaming service Spotify has added an upgrade to its service, but there’s a catch, and you have to pay the price.

The update however small is still an upgrade.

The service has separated the shuffle and play buttons for its premium users as a way for users to have control over how they navigate through their preferred playlist.

Now you will be able to hit play on Spotify and choose the sequence of your playlist or album.

As part of the streaming service’s effort to improve listener experience, the change, however, small may make things a little less tedious for users.

This new feature is rolled out on iOS and Android mobile devices for Spotify Premium users worldwide.

What’s the big deal?

Currently, Spotify users not on the premium service are only able to use Spotify in shuffle-only mode on mobile.

Spotify roll’s out the separate-play and shuffle buttons which may have been a brilliant addition from the get go.

One of the most unsettling things about the service for non-premium members is listening to an album in random order.

This could frustrate several artists since there was a plan to lining up their albums a certain way.

When you hit the play button at the top of the screen for non-premium members, you’re essentially shuffling your playlist as the two button’s (play+ shuffle) are currently wired to execute the instruction in that fashion.

It seems Spotify means business, and if you want more control over your playlist, you just might have to reach in your pocket and pay for convenience.

Albums are best played in a certain order, with some bonus tracks making sense at the end of the album.

Imagine the first tune to the album being the last track the artist intended you to hear.

Well, it seems Spotify finally got the message, but only for it’s Premium users.

Maybe it was Adele who convinced Spotify by making a request for the service to allow users to hear her album the way she had presented it.

What ever it was, Spotify’s move however minute, is a step in the right direction, even if it’s only meant for Premium users.

Current prices for Premium members are R100pm. This grants you access to six premium accounts for family members.

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