WATCH: Cape Town’s in-road lights receive a nod

Cape Town’s new in-road warning lights to address problems pedestrians face seem to be a hit on social media.

The lights were installed to aid pedestrians being forced to divert around stopped vehicles as on occasion motorists jumped their stop point barrier, leaving pedestrians frustrated.

The lights were placed along Buitengracht Street on two pedestrian crossings and operate in sync with the red signals indicating a vehicle to stop.

Installed in May, the City’s Urban Mobility Directorates warning lights have received a thumbs up from some with neigh-sayers criticizing the system.

Responding to the video, one user said: “If this is real, I swear Cape Town is way to advance compared to the rest of SA”

Another user wrote: “Need this all over, we’ll done cape Town.”

The city has appealed to the Transport minister with intent to continue the roll out of the signal pilot system.

Although the system is in its testing phase, it is designed for the city’s public transport system with an aim to end confusion among motorists at intersections.

If successful, the city plans to implement the system across the MyCity system to be included in the South African Road Traffic signs manual for use by other cities and transport systems across the country.

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Featured image: Screenshot

Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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