Here’s tech expected to transform iGaming industry

The online gambling market is fast on the increase and with the introduction of new technologies, here are technologies already in use that will change the future of the gaming industry.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have shown immeasurable growth in the iGaming industry.  Bitcoin casino’s, supporting cryptocurrency payments on gambling platforms have opened new advantages.

To date, there is no personal data needed. Payments are not limited and with transactions carried out directly, this ensures fast deposits and payouts.

Cryptocurrency’s are backed by a decentralized registry that tracks every transaction, which is distributed over a large database with a million copies. This is due to the fact that currently, fiat currencies are supported by the state that issues them.

What does it mean?

It means anyone with access to the network can verify the transaction, the history of bitcoin cannot be faked, and attempts to falsify a block will affect very block in the network.

Blockchain tech can be used to record transactions between the user and the casino’s meaning all bets, deposit amounts and payouts on winnings are recorded in encrypted form.

Gambling platforms can now realistically prove that players really receive the payout percentage declared by providers.

PWA Features

Online casinos continue to use Progressive Web Applications (PWA), an alternative to native mobile applications. PWA’s are launched as a regular web page of a gambling site.

This means a player can install the app via Chrome or Safari, without using online stores.  By clicking the “add to home screen” button, an Android user can add the casino to their mobile phone.

The PWA technology offers key advantages:

  • Speed: Progressive loading of games, fast scrolling and smooth animations to cater greater user experience.
  • Reliability: PWA download speed does not change depending on the quality of the connection.
  • Engagement: Users are engaged with push notifications, home screen icons and full screen modes.

Users can enjoy all these features with just a click of the download button. These features work effectively to gain and retain users, according to Dmytor Taran, COO of Slotegrator.

Big Data in iGaming

Massive amounts of data can become a challenge to sift through. With online casinos which use big data technology, information is allocated timeously and effectively in the following ways:

Personalization: Visits to gambling sites ensure that players provide more personal information. This allows developers and casinos to find out user interests. With the information, operators can then set strategies in place to ensure overall efficiency.

Fraud: New methods of analysing the behavior of players and their patterns help to identify cheaters.

Combat problem gambling.  To preserve the reputation of the industry, its operators pay careful attention to the safety of its end users.  This will ensure that certain behavioral patterns of players may be flagged if found to indicate the development of an addiction.

Data driven KPIs: Different metrics are used to evaluate business performance. This will allow operators to identify shortcomings and make informed decisions about how to correct them.


The use of VR/AR (Virtual reality/Augmented reality) technologies in the gambling space growing, making virtual reality, the future. Some brands have already identified the growth potential and launched casinos in the metaverses.

Featured image: Slotegrator



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