WATCH: Meta to release latest high-end VR headsets in October

Meta, has confirmed it will release its’ virtual reality headset the Oculus Quest Pro in October.

This was confirmed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast.

The CEO spoke on a few big features coming out in October, which will be enabled by eye and facial tracking.

This means experiencing virtual reality first hand for users, going into the Metaverse.

Your face will be tracked and recorded to provide some reactive responses to your Avatar.

Project Cambria

Facebook, transforming into Meta embraces the Metaverse and part of the move will see virtual reality gear like the Oculus Quest Pro, Project Cambria’s virtual reality and augmented reality hybrid headset contribute to the transformation.

The Oculus Quest Pro is a sequel to the Oculus Quest 2 which was announced by Meta at their conference in October 2021.

The Quest Pro will sit at the higher end of the price spectrum as it is expected to be top of the line in headset technology.

The release of the Quest Pro was expected in 2022, but it’s always good to hear it confirmed from the horses mouth.

According to Zuckerberg, the headset is created using Presence Platform which will assist developers build mixed reality experiences that blend physical and virtual worlds.

The Cambria project will blend the physical and virtual worlds together.


The price of the the headset is expected to be around $799 which translates to R 15 000 excluding other costs to bring in it to this side of the world.

The Quest 2 currently retails at $400 or more depending on the region.

The Quest 2 upgrade is expected to compete with the likes of Apple’s VR-AR headset, Sony’s Playstation VR 2 and phone connected headsets like the HTC Vive Flow.

Its clear that metaverse platforms will provide VR owners with more to explore and hopefully convince many to migrate into new limitless possibilities.

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