Whatsapp: users get two days to delete message

WhatsApp delete messages

Facebook-owned messaging app Whatsapp will soon allow users to delete messages sent to receivers long after a day.

This falls as part of the app’s ongoing transformation to ensure privacy. The app plans to install multiple layers of security wraps to protect user privacy meaning some conversations on Whatsapp don’t need to last forever.

Reconsidering your message?

Now the app will allow users two days to delete that unwanted message. What will you be hiding? Is this really a privacy issue or something else?

Now that accidental message to the work group meant for your mother, or partner can be deleted within the apps window period.

Users will no longer have just an hour to delete that accidental message after sending it. Once rolled out, users can access the new features by simply selecting and holding the message you want deleted.  A few options will pop up, prompting which action you would prefer, to “delete for everyone” or “Delete for me.”

What’s the catch?

Users in the same group that you want to delete messages in must also have the latest version of the app. It’s still unclear if users will be able to see that a message was deleted or if they will be able to retrieve the deleted message after.

What we do know is there will be a lot of explaining to do between users with a lot of questions around their intent for that message.

The roll-out of the features forms part of its ongoing privacy update and will not only allow users to exit groups discreetly but also blocking someone from screenshotting the message.

This is achieved when you send a one-time-only view message. Users will have the ability to block someone from screenshotting that specific image, video.

WhatsApp groups are entertaining and serve a purpose but in some cases can become irritating when bombarded by frequent messages and videos.

The roll-out will enable users to control how long messages stay in a chat with the apps disappearing messages.

New app features will also enable users to decide who can see them when they’re online.



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