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Tiktok has become the go-to form of entertainment, and their clear mode update seems to be a winner.

Browsing through a series of videos using the app, viewers will have a list Tiktok information on the screen.

The icons on the right and bottom of the screen show how many people reacted to the video, a shares link arrow, the follow tab, a comment tab including a headline and subtext at the bottom of every user’s content.

This information allows for a better user experience.

The less cluttered screen

Click and hold the screen and a sub-menu will appear.

The menu has a few options but the one you’re looking for is the clear mode option.

Select clear mode and the clutter on the right and bottom of your screen disappears.

Now you can enjoy clutter less content with a feature most didn’t really know existed.

Clear Mode

The clear mode feature is relatively new which explains the reactions users get when they learn of it’s existence.

The feature temporarily removes the visual texts on the right and bottom of user screens.

Clear mode does not remove all the icons only most of them.

The feature remains enabled for only the video you’re watching, once you swipe past a video, the clutter or icons will return.

Should you wish to exit clear mode, simply select the dark circle in the lower right corner of your screen.

Simply hold the screen and return to the sub menu or scroll past the video and return to it.

The feature should be available on all devices.

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