This video claims Twitter now lets users select Tweet Type

Would you select your tweet type before clicking tweet?

That is the question.

Creativity has no limits or boundaries and this feature posted by a Twitter user seems to be shooting its shot, by introducing what could be Twitter’s new update.

Let’s call it the Twitter type tab, a tab that apparently would let users select the type of tweet they were about to broadcast.

The video shows a user with a new tab with various twitter types in the sub menu.

Under the Twitter type tab, users can select the type of tweet by selecting options from about five options.

From basic tweet, emoji-fitted, call to action, to ask a question, or even sh*t post, the tabs would allow users to add their own spin to their tweet.

A witty concept but we think users don’t really care for categorizing their tweets. This may result in the loss of a certain group of followers disengaging from the content purely due to the categorized tweet.

The feature, although unconfirmed by Twitter seems possibly practical even though we find it questionable for users to label their own Tweets as Sh*tty posts.

Back in 2014, when Twitter was launching and creating a market for itself, a few types of tweets were preferred.

Users responded to Links, Quotes, Retweets, questions or comments and even images.

To date, these forms of tweets, or types, seems to have continued to shape Twitter culture.

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