Can aeroplanes really print money?  Here’s the answer

Footage of a cabin crew member printing out what appears to be money has made it’s rounds, to fast gain the attention of many on social media.


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So the real question has now become, can aeroplanes really print out money from the cockpit?

The answer is no.

That would really be something wouldn’t it?

What’s known as a money dispenser hack among crew members is at times used to prank other cabin crew members.

But there is no truth to the on board printer printing out reams of money for pilots to take home.


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The printer is used to print documents needed by the crew.

Information such as the last let report, avionics status and the system report or test, are a number of reasons pilots including the crew may need an onboard printer.

While the Tiktok user who posted the video of a printout of money from the cockpit has snatched the attention of many, it can be seen as irresponsible especially considering the user failed to highlight that at times the printer would be used as a prank as she too had intended.

With the caption: Did you know that airplanes can print money?

The user can be seen dialing in a few instructions before the printer prints out what appears to be a new bank note.

Why this is not possible?

While the user has raked in millions in views over the money prank, some have called her out questioning the authenticity of the note.

But could it be true? 

The quick answer is no.

It’s illegal to print money. Lets just leave it there.

Currency bills or notes come with a special Eurion constellation on them which allows photocopiers to detect money and refuse to print it, as a measure to assist in stopping counterfeiting.

For those that didn’t know, printing out more money does not increase the economic output of a country but only increases the amount of cash circulating in the economy.

When more bills are printed this directly forces producers to hike up inflation.

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