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Online Fun

  • Google AutoDraw is AI-powered autotune for your terrible doodles

    In November last year, Google launched its AI Experiments, a collection of simple AI software that allows anyone to play with the technology in hands-on ways. With the AIs that can emulate handwriting or even play the piano with you, Google has been encouraging coders and the average men alike to interact with AI software. And its latest may be the first to properly take off. AutoDraw is a piece of software from the technology that brought you QuickDraw (the AI that tries to be the best Pictionary partner in the world), and it is as fun as it is useful. Google Autodraw 'a new web-based tool that...

  • Adorable 2nd grade class survey becomes global viral sensation

    Last month, Mrs Porter, a grade two teacher in Indiana, was teaching her students about graphs, when she decided to set up a Google docs survey to acquire real data. Each student was allowed one question on the survey, and it showed adorably. Questions ranged from the likes of "Are you a farmer?" to "Do you like Pokemon?" to "What food do you like? Pizza or soup?" To promote the survey, North Vermillion Elementary School posted the link on its Facebook page. The internet couldn't handle the cuteness. The original post was shared more than 2000 times, and a post on Tumblr encouraging...

  • NASA’s online library will up your inspirational quote game

    If only the hipsters of 2012 could see us now. More than 140 000 NASA images, videos and audio files have been released to the public -- copyright free -- all available for download on one platform. According to a press release, the content comes from the "agency's many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more." Anyone with online access is now able to embed the content, or download it in multiple resolutions. The site is best used on a computer, but it does scale down for phones and tablets. We're not sure that this is the future NASA envisioned for its free image...

  • 9 ridiculous Wikipedia lists to waste away the work day

    For the last six years of my life, I have had teachers, lecturers and tutors drill into my brain: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. And for six whole years I have steered clear of the tomes of knowledge Wikipedia offers me. No longer. Wikipedia has a knack for distracting me from the anxieties of daily life, and there is no better distraction than its carefully curated lists. So, for your consideration, here are the nine best lists on Wikipedia right now. List of music considered the worst Image: Adam Sundana via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized) This list mostly looks at...

  • How much free food can you get on your birthday?

    There are a number of restaurant chains worldwide that offer those celebrating their birthdays free food. And that's just great. And awful. Because you only get one birthday per year, you probably can't make it to every single restaurant. Or can you? One incredibly inspirational Imgurian AnotherAnotherJosh decided to test this theory. Heading out early on his birthday to embark on his "free birthday food odyssey", Josh hit 11 restaurants, getting free celebratory grub from each of them. Imgur's Josh hit 11 restaurants to collect his free birthday food at each establishment While some only gave him tiny ice cream cones, and others...

  • Pokemon or big data: can you tell the difference?

    It's 2pm on a lazy Tuesday afternoon. You've had lunch, you're feeling sleepy, and likely also trawling the web to find something to do. Well, look no further than Pokemon. A Github project that started back in 2015 by Pixelastic is now thoroughly relevant once again, thanks in part to Pokemon Go and that other buzz terms we love so much -- big data. The project gives users an obscure term (like Azkaban or Vulpix) and you have to decide if it's indeed a big data technology, or a Pokemon. If you think it sounds simple now, try getting ten correct...