‘The elephant in the room’, Lloyiso warms hearts in Johannesburg

From singing for dinners at local pubs to competing in one of South Africa’s most notable talent shows South African Idol where he was placed fifth, singer, songwriter, and producer, Lloyiso Gijana performed for Johannesburg fans at the Fox event venue on Alexander Street in Ferreias Dorp Johannesburg.


Lloyiso – Madoda sabelani live #theelephantintheroom #Lloyiso @LLOYISO #hisexcellency #marcusmoloko #TheBoardmember #team17million #Stayfocused #immaculatelypolished #ministeroflawandorder #youmatter💯💜

♬ original sound – TheeBoardmember |Marcus Moloko

Known musically as Lloyiso, the musical note-bender performed in front of crowds on Saturday night under his concept tour headline The Elephant in the Room.

Described as his passion for melodic poetry, the tour name was wittingly derived from Lloyiso’s clan name Ndlovu – meaning elephant.  The tour phrase elephant in the room was inspired by a metaphorical idiom which signified something uncomfortable that needs a discussion, which everyone knows about but are socially resistant, or comfortable to speak about.

Fans were treated to a Lloyiso arsenal of melodic gems which included singles Speak, Season’s, Madoda Sabelani, and Seasons. Lloyiso was joined by long-time friend Shekinah who performed Fixate.

On a cold Winter’s night, Lloyiso warmed hearts during his performance at the Fox Street venue.

Performances and sound will always be a major place of contention. The location and how sound output lands on fans’ ears will always add to a performer’s attempt at reaching heartstrings and whether or not they’re successful. While Lloyiso brought his A game, the sound fell a little short at times, which could have added to Lloyiso’s noble attempt at noteworthy melodic connections.

The overall performance was tasteful, decently thought-out, and clearly appealed to Lloyiso’s fan base who are hopeless romantics at heart, or maybe we should stick to the phrase sensitive souls just to protect some fans from an elephant-in-the-room type of conversation.


Lloyiso – Seasons #theelephantintheroom #Lloyiso @LLOYISO #hisexcellency #marcusmoloko #TheBoardmember #team17million #Stayfocused #immaculatelypolished #ministeroflawandorder #youmatter💯💜

♬ original sound – TheeBoardmember |Marcus Moloko

His performances are commendable, stage presence could be tweaked upward as there’s room for growth, but his voice is his calling card, and delivers music that could arguably leave some fans at tears edge.

A noteworthy performance and we cannot wait for this Lloyiso to reach new markets globally while flying the South African flag high.

A well-thought-out concept by Lloyiso’s team and the Stella Artois team which appear to understand the effort necessary for connections to be made. We hope to see more of these in the future.

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