Lenovo unveils smarter AI, solutions to drive AI further

Lenovo is making significant strides in democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its latest offerings.

Unveiling a suite of comprehensive enterprise AI solutions, Lenovo aims to empower companies of all sizes to develop and deploy AI effectively.

This expansion is driven by research commissioned by Lenovo, which reveals generative AI as the top tech investment priority for IT and business decision-makers globally. Backed by a US$1 billion investment over three years, Lenovo’s vision is to pave the way for “Smarter AI for All” through solutions that simplify adoption, accelerate outcomes, and maximize performance throughout the AI journey.

A commitment to responsible AI

Beyond technological innovation, Lenovo emphasizes responsible corporate citizenship. Their recently published 18th annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report outlines their proactive approach in governing accessible and inclusive AI.

This commitment ensures the responsible development and implementation of AI solutions.

Bridging the Gap Between Concept and Reality

Many organizations struggle to translate AI concepts into real-world applications. Lenovo tackles this challenge with its AI Services portfolio, aligned with the Gartner® Five Critical AI Adoption Phases.

The Lenovo AI Services Center of Excellence (AI COE) acts as a guide, helping customers find the right solutions to integrate AI into their operations quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale.

Lenovo AI Fast Start provides a range of services to help move AI from ideation to reality. This includes:

  • Live demonstrations showcasing the benefits of generative AI deployment through Lenovo AI Fast Start for NVIDIA AI Enterprise
  • Containerized and optimized inference engines for popular NVIDIA AI Foundation models via Lenovo AI Fast Start for NVIDIA NIM inference microservices
  • Tailored AI use case development using any of the 165+ turnkey solutions offered by the Lenovo AI Innovators program – facilitated by Lenovo AI Fast Start for AI Innovators

Additionally, upcoming AI Advisory services will leverage Lenovo’s expertise to build upon a company’s AI readiness. This includes defining desired business outcomes and crafting a tailored roadmap for organizational AI adoption at any scale. A “people-centric” approach ensures employee engagement and enablement through the AI journey.

To get businesses started, Lenovo AI Discover helps customers visualize and map out their AI strategy and resources. Their experts assess the organization’s AI readiness across security, personnel, technology, and process, providing recommendations for success.

Smarter AI delivers business-ready solutions

Lenovo’s portfolio of 165+ AI Innovator Solutions offers industry-specific, AI-powered solutions designed to improve productivity, customer experience, quality, and innovation.

These solutions leverage data across sectors like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and smart cities.

In collaboration with NVIDIA, Lenovo provides scalable, end-to-end solutions with enhanced security.

These solutions address challenges across various domains, from point-of-use devices to cloud deployments. All solutions are available for fast-tracking and scaling with the new Lenovo AI Fast Start services.

Here are some key examples:

  • Smart virtual assistant: A customer service solution featuring a virtual employee powered by AI, developed in partnership with NVIDIA and DeepBrain.
  • Smart travel: An automated anti-bird strike solution for air travel safety, developed by The Edge Company using Lenovo AI ThinkSystem SR650 servers with NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Smart manufacturing: Video-based analytics for zero-incident workplaces, offered in collaboration with NVIDIA and Graymatics™. LabVista™ provides deep insights on workplace safety, efficiency, and compliance across industries.
  • Smart retail: A self-checkout solution leveraging the Everseen Visual AI™ platform to enhance customer experience and reduce retail loss.

Lenovo is also collaborating with key ISVs to develop regional AI ecosystems. An example is the DialogXR solution, co-developed with Al Hathboor Bikal.ai.

This solution utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate tasks, enhance customer service, and provide on-demand insights and training for employees.

The trained chatbot leverages state-of-the-art Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling for reduced energy consumption while accelerating AI.

Optimizing solutions for data science

Lenovo’s commitment to AI extends to its expanded AI PC and workstation portfolio. NPU-enabled Lenovo ThinkPad devices and Dynamo AI for AI Innovators enable enterprises to deploy generative AI applications with embedded multilingual evaluations, corrections, and safeguards.

For remote workers, the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 offers built-in AI performance, enterprise readiness, and superior efficiency with the most power-efficient processor on the market.

For professionals with intensive AI and graphics needs, Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of NVIDIA-certified desktop and laptop workstations for the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

These workstations provide a secure, local sandbox environment for developing AI projects, along with the highest performance.

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