Cartoon Network Africa teams up with recycling authority for change

Cartoon Network Africa, a leading children’s entertainment channel, has joined forces with the E-Waste Recycling Authority (ERA) in a crucial initiative.

This partnership aims to educate and empower young viewers about the growing challenge of electronic waste (e-waste) through Cartoon Network’s Climate Champions campaign.

Understanding the E-Waste crisis:

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream globally, outpacing general municipal solid waste by a factor of three.

With only 10% of e-waste currently recycled in South Africa, landfills are reaching capacity at an alarming rate.

A Cartoon Network survey revealed a significant knowledge gap among children aged 6-11, with:

  • Only 30% truly understanding the concept of e-waste.
  • South African children showing lower awareness compared to Poland and Turkey.
  • A high percentage (97%) of South African children having e-waste items at home, often stored or thrown away instead of being recycled.

Education through entertainment

By leveraging its engaging content and beloved characters, Cartoon Network Africa will address this knowledge gap:

Informative video content: A dedicated “Guide to E-waste” video will explain the issue and solutions.

Catchy E-waste promos: Short clips will raise awareness and encourage action.

Social media integration: Weekly posts on social media and YouTube will amplify the message.

Empowering young climate champions:

The Cartoon Network Climate Champions initiative offers practical ways for children to participate:

  • Device rescue mission: Kids can identify old electronics at home for proper recycling.
  • No crossed wires: This challenge promotes responsible care of electronic device chargers.
  • Phone numbers: Children count unused mobile phones in their households, highlighting the issue.

Working towards a sustainable future:

This partnership aligns with Cartoon Network’s commitment to engaging kids in environmental action. Monika Oomen, VP at Warner Bros.

Discovery, emphasizes the collaboration’s significance: “Combining Cartoon Network’s storytelling with ERA’s expertise allows us to empower kids to become environmental champions on a platform they love.”

Ashley du Plooy, CEO of ERA, echoes this sentiment: “Understanding e-waste management is crucial from a young age. Electronics can have a second life, and recycling safeguards the environment for future generations.”

By combining education with entertainment, Cartoon Network Africa and ERA aim to cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious children who actively contribute to responsible e-waste management.

This initiative tackles a pressing global issue and empowers young viewers to become agents of positive change.

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