AI, the created fake Pope and his holy drip

Photos of Pope Francis wearing a puffed up jacket including some funky new school footwear have been trending, showing the 86-year-old pontiff exuding some serious drip.

Drip by today’s urban dictionary is a term crafted around 2018 and was made popular by hip-hop culture.  The term was used to describe a guys impressive appearance.

While the title “holy drip” has been coupled with photos of the pontiff, it’s the fact that the photos are not real and are a product of AI (artificial intelligence) that has our attention.

Before someone assumes the use of the word holy has been tarnished, that couldn’t be far from the truth.  The term “holy drip” according to a majority of social media users who used it, used it applauding the creativity and innovative dress sense the pope appeared in.

A bad joke?

While many of us spotted the image and thought, that’s different, the image is not real and was made using the AI art tool Midjourney.

According to a report, Pablo Xavier a 31-year-old construction worker thought to try something funny.

The budding artists thought artwork of The Pope in a Balenciaga puffy coat, Monclear, walking in Paris would grab attention.

The first two images were created on Friday, and shared on a Facebook group called AI Art universe.

The image sparked debate and trended over the weekend.

While the budding artist meant no ill, the idea that images as realistic as this could spark massive debate prompting any government to consider laws to regulate such designs.

AI generated images have sparked massive debate considering the realistic quality at first glance.

While the image has been shared on Midjourney, it is not the first collection of artwork which gained public praise for their originality.

Story telling using AI

Story teller, and filmmaker Malik Afegbua has raised the bar to introduce a senior citizens fashion show which never happened.

Yes that’s right, a fashion show which never happened.

Images of the elderly walking on a ramp and strutting off beautiful garments started surfacing on social media last year.

The images were breathtaking with some images of the elderly showing them swimming under water.

The images told a story with vivid details on them.

Malik Afegbua a new affirmed virtual reality developer has crafted a new niche showing off the elderly in what appears to be signature garments.

His imagery is impeccable, the attention to detail is astonishing, and this film director says it was all to tell the world about the African story.

The Nigerian AI artist has reimagined the elderly with style and put forward images that have us all welcoming those new wrinkles.

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