EFF’s #NationalShutDown faces formidable foe

An EFF-planned national shutdown may just have a major spanner in the works, taxi bosses.

The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) says they’re not playing a part in the proposed national shutdown, and looking at the odds, and history, the taxi industry has previously taken impact to their daily takings personally.

While Santaco says the march is not their plan with no interest on parking their vehicles for the day, this does mean a small declaration.

So who exactly will the EFF stop, passengers or the minibus taxis?

During an address, EFF leader Julius Malema made it clear that no truck nor train will be allowed to move on the day. All ports will be closed, with businesses expected to close shop for the day in an effort to curb looting.

While the plan may be to address recurring load shedding, including demand for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign, resistance from the taxi industry could lead to an unexpected back lash from both parties which could lead to expected civil unrest.

Taxi bosses have a certain daily quota to chase while the EFF demands a point to be made.

Who stops who?

Its a potentially volatile stalemate which could leave many injured should both camps refuse to yield for a way forward.

The EFF plans to protest against a plethora of issues on March 20, ranging from rising levels of murder, gender based violence, lack of service delivery, load shedding, allegations of corruption against Ramaphosa, and the buckling state of the infrastructure.

The protest is scheduled to place a massive dent to the economy as the EFF places a much dreaded pause on an economy that’s already on life support.

Santaco’s resistance should place a thorn in the EFF’s plan as the Taxi industry has been seen to not only have numbers on their side but a competent unit that could spell trouble for a determined EFF.

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