Portable power stations for load shedding, one gets recalled as a fire hazard

The recall

In a twist of fate, the National Consumer Commission has urged for the return of the Gizzu 300Wh and 500Wh power stations due to a fire hazard as the product importer and distributor, Syntech Distribution reported the device to the commission.

The fault has been identified to be combustion while charging.

The product was pretty prominent in retail stores such as HiFi Corporation, Makro, and Builders among other retail outlets but the commission has urged consumers to return the product and stop using them.

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The portable power stations that have our attention.

Energy solutions provider EcoFlow has introduced a new player in portable power stations during a time where even paid for electricity has become unreliable.

Eco Flow has introduced three new portable power stations in South Africa, the Delta 2, the River 2, and River 2 Max, which the energy solutions company claims should bring peace of mind when load shedding strikes.

With their Delta 2, users can power around 90% of home appliances with an output of up to 2.2KW.

The devices can be fully charged in under two hours.

While the devices do not come cheap, they can power more than one appliance at a go, such as hair dryers and kettles and even a washing machine on select devices.

Gizzu 155Wh

One of the smallest and pretty cheap option is Gizzu’s portable power station for users on a budget.

This device can keep laptops, and routers alive during those dark nights all for under R 4 000.

The handy solutions on a budget comes in handy for users who need an alternative which during a time where even our pockets have run dry.

Jackery Explorer 250

This version of the Jackery line means saving alot on budget. The portable solution allows users to charge a few devices, with the power to power TV’s for up to three hours.

This is perfect for keeping the laptop and routers on and weighs around 3kg.

It’s capacity is around 257Wh and costs between R 6500 and R 7 000.

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