Influencers in trouble as Meta stops paying for Reels

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Facebook and Instagram influencers will no longer be paid for posting reels, short videos.

Previously Instagram and Facebook launched an investment of around $1 billion in 2021 where influences could earn $1 000, $5 000 and even $10 000 for sharing reels.

The idea was known as the Instagram reels bonus program which drove creators to create content to earn money depending on the views they obtained over a month.

The program was to inspire content creators to make some cash while content creating through a professional dashboard.

Users could post as many reels as they liked while also sharing their reels separately on Facebook to increase their income.

The turn

While many influences benefitted from the program it seems Meta has done a 180 degree turn to announce that they will not be compensating influencers for reel anymore.

Both Facebook and Instagram influencers will be left out in the cold as Meta cuts ties with their initial program to sponsor creators for reels.

The pause on the program for posting short form Reels videos on Instagram and Facebook seems to have been some kind of marketing strategy, which may have bore fruit or a signal for financial trouble at Meta.

With reports of money woes at Meta it seems Meta is not only considering more layoffs this year but conserving every penny and unfortunately influencers will feel the pinch.

The program allowed creators to get paid monthly for accrued views.

The program will not be extended which spells trouble for deserving influencers.

The strategy was for Meta to introduce their short-form video form known as Reels three years ago to compete with short form video app TikTok.


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