Twitter Blue in SA: Five edits for R 150?


Twitter blue is finally available in the country and Twitter users scan finally have access to prioritized tweets, longer videos and new access to new features from Twitter at a cost.

The subscription service with its few and increasing pro’s comes at around R 150 a month for subscribers.

But is this really worth it?

Netflix charges way less than R 150 with other subscription services in the country sticking to under the R150 line.

It seems Twitter may come in with a new subscription precedent for users who want Twitters’ red carpet treatment of features which include the option of 1080p video uploads and access to more features, such as the edit tweets option.

But there’s a catch.

When Twitter announced Twitter Blue it made it clear that there would be clear differences between the free and paid for subscription version.

Prioritized tweets, access to bookmark folders and the edit feature seem like solid pro’s but only fall short when you only get five edits.

Five edits.

When Twitter announced the edit button was on its way it also said: “The feature will allow users to make changes to a tweet within a 30-minute period after posting it. Edited tweets will appear with a label saying so. But there’s another stipulation – a tweet can only be edited up to five times.

It was made clear that the feature would first be rolled out to Twitter Blue subscribers in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the U.S but knew of the roll-out in SA came last week when users could now see Twitter Blue prices on their feed.

News of the edit tweet feature has been a topic for years. While some argue deleting a tweet doesn’t change the price of milk, others argue the option should be available for those who would like to edit their tweets after clicking the publish/tweet tab.

Five edits are a bit limited considering South African’s will be coughing up R 150.

Yes, we can argue that users will not need to edit a tweet five times but if we pay for something, the argument should move to more than five edits. It’s just decent.

The service brings forwards a different way of operating as Twitter Blue subscribers will hopefully see lessor adds, which is part of Elon Musk’s vision to have a platform ad free or ad-limited.

While the edit tweet button leaves a sour after taste, the around 15 different features added for blue subscribers make the option slightly more appealing considering what the blue tick meant before.

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