Three major shifts for Musk, X.AI, and the X Corp plan

elon musk

Tesla and Twitter head Elon Musk has founded a new company called X.Ai. dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Musk will be the director for the firm which will most likely be a new competitor to Google, Microsoft, Amazon and even OpenAI.

The company is reported to have been incorporated in March 2023, around the same period Twitter was found to have been merged with X Corporation.

Twitter has merged with X Corp, one of Musk’s shell companies.

In recent corporate disclosure documents submitted to the California Court, Twitter which is the defendant provided notice that Twitter Inc has been merged with X Corp and no longer exists.

In October the CEO said Twitter would be an accelerant to creating X, “the everything app.”

X.AI appears to fall right inline with a vision of an everything X for Musk.

While many believe Musk’s X Corp may be an accelerant for Twitter, his tweet on Tuesday with a single X signals a brewing shift for the blue birded app, which recently had a doge as its logo.

Strange how Musk will be OpenAI’s competitor considering he helped co-found the OpenAi which could arguably be one company that introduced generative AI to the public.

This week Amazon was the latest to join the AI race as the company introduced tools to build and grow its own artificial intelligence applications.

The AI service Amazon Bedrock will be offered to companies through its cloud computing platform, targeting corporate customers who are eager to incorporate AI into their business.

Amazon is one of the largest cloud computing providers in the world, and it seems it has prioritized investment in generative AI the same idea Tesla, Twitter and now X.Ai appears to have.

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