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Its full stream ahead as Twitter owner Elon Musk has just confirmed that verified Twitter account holders will now be a priority.

This means searching for users on Twitter will result in those who have subscribed to Musk’s controversial Twitter Blue service gaining priority.

It also means verified blue tick members will have access to priority service from Twitter when flagging issues.

Musk on Tuesday tweeted: “Verified accounts are now prioritized.”

This comes after Twitter stripped some popular names in government and the entertainment industry of their blue tick in a mass removal of the now priced blue tick.

The check mark which previously was used to identify public figures has been revoked after Twitter boss Musk introduced a paid-for service to verify accounts last year.

Pay for the tick or stay without it.

Musk appears to have delivered on a promise to have paid-for Twitter subscribers gain access to Twitter privileges.

The blue tick disappeared on last Thursday, meaning popular figures such as Beyonce alongside others were stripped of their verified tick.

Musk introduced the paid service last year when he introduced Twitter Blue which according to him would assist in filtering out unwanted bots and ads.

Twitter Blue hit South African shores early this year and promised to allow citizens to reap some of the services benefits such as longer videos, the ability to edit tweets and the added benefit of being prioritized by the platform.

For only R 2100 a year which was the promotional price, you could have access to a finite number of added benefits.

That’s half the adverts, a blue checkmark, with the certainty of ranking higher with your content.

You will receive what could be Twitter’s red carpet treatment, which includes prioritized tweets, access to bookmark folders, access to an edit tweet feature and the certainty of being the first to get features when they’re rolled out.

Subscribers will get access to being prioritized when searched for or mentioned with the option of 1080p video uploads and access to more incoming features from the platform.

The subscription service does come at a possible R200 a month fee with the annual price largely going to be affected by other factors such as region.

For about R 2 099 a year you can subscribe to gain access to the newly revamped platform which Musk has described as the global town square.

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