We are almost sold out, FlySafair on R9 tickets

Almost 50 000 airline tickets have been sold as FlySafair allows 264 planes to be filled with people who only paid R9.

The airline launched another surprise on Wednesday to introduce what has now been known as their low price special.

The airline sold a domestic ticket at R9, with 30% off flights to Mauritious, Zanzibar and local destinations for travel until March 2024.

“Unlike our R9 sale, there’s no big rush as you have until midnight to book,” the airline said on their website.

FlySafair is at it again with its low price sale which since its inception has caused a social media storm not to mention website issues, considering the amount of buyers intent on securing a ticket at R9.

This year the airline sold 50 000 domestic tickets which were only available on their website.

The airline has upped their administrative game for their website considering in one year their site was almost crashed by the large influx of potential ticket buyers.

While other tickets are discounted at 30% its the R 9 domestic ticket sales that seem to cause a stir on social media.

How does it work?

Landing on the website, users will be placed in a waiting room designed to manage large amounts of traffic.

The site is structured in a way so as to allow a select number of ticket buyers to book at a go.

Buyers are then redirected to the sites booking site when successful, with the catch phrase “you’re in luck – grab your R9 ticket…” confirming a step closer to a very cheap ticket.

Only flights between 3 May and 30 November 2023 can be booked.

The R9 ticket includes all airport tax and VAT.

You’re paying for your own luggage, as the ticket does not cover that cost.

Over 800 000 people had jumped onto the site on Wednesday morning and were already in the waiting room before sales went live, according to FlySafair.

While some were lucky to secure cheap tickets, others were not so fortunate to move past the online waiting room.

At 2:30pm tickets for R9 were sold out according to FlySafair’s website.

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