Tech 60 seconds: WATCH: Snow, smiles and Johannesburg weather this week

The South African weather services has warned of icy temperatures this week with snow on the list of possible precipitation.

A variety of Orange Level warnings for snow were advised for the Eastern Cape, including parts of Kwazulu-Natal but it was Johannesburg that had people out with their smartphones documenting what appeared to be snow.

The City of Johannesburg has advised motorists to drive with caution as temperatures drop and roads get slippery.

The SA Weather Service has confirmed Snow in Soweto and other parts of Johannesburg as temperatures continue to plummet in Gauteng.

While some argue between the terms sleet and snow, we found it helpful to define what sleet is compared to snow.


Sleet forms under certain conditions when a temperature inversion causes snow to melt, then freeze. These are small ice pallets the size of a pea formed when falling snow melts and then quickly freezes.

These small iced follicles usually bounce when they hit the surface of roads making the road slightly dangerous.


Snow on the other hand falls through a layer of warm air, then melts into raindrops. It then is intercepted by a layer of freezing cold air above the earth’s surface only to hit the ground as frozen water when it hits the surface.

Snow is usually slightly dense but lighter than hail.

Around the country

After a freezing weekend, Johannesburg’ers woke to dropped temperatures with icy follicles warming hearts.


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