New version TweetDeck, cleaner workspace and no free ride

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A new version of Tweetdeck has been launched globally which boasts enhanced functionality.

New features such as the ability to include advanced search and new column types mean changes to the decked platform with cleaner workspaces.

TweetDeck introduces a new way to group columns for cleaner workspaces and allows users to migrate all of their saved searches, columns, and the option to download data in Twitter settings.

What’s new?

  • Users get advanced search
  • Drag and drop a column anywhere on your deck
  • Order Tweets by top or latest
  • The ability to organize columns into groups
  • Video docking means the ability to watch a video while performing other functions like accessing content in moments and bookmarks.
  • The ability to fully customize your TweetDeck layout.
  • The platform is not available on mobile but doesn’t allow multiple accounts into TweetDeck with the account-switching feature when you click the profile icon.
  • Users can add an existing account and toggle between accounts in the same manner they would on Twitter.

While there are reported initial issues, the service will follow Twitter’s mission to monitor the amount of posts users can view each day.

Switching to the new version does restore basic Tweetdeck functionality. The updated preview should allow Twitter spaces, polls, and other features that were previously unavailable.

Last week, Twitter boss Elon Musk made another u-turn, this time in the form of limiting the number of posts viewed per user.

In a quest to move users to subscribe to Twitter’s subscription service, Musk announced that users will now have a limited number of posts they can view.

Verified users will see 6 000 daily posts which may increase to 10 000 in the future while unverified users will be restricted to viewing 600 posts per day with hopes for 1 000 posts a day.

If you’re the average Twitter user, 600 posts per day may leave you a little capped come lunchtime which may in turn prompt users to consider the verified option.

A definite restricting move from Musk may translate into more subscribers, especially for those who rely on Twitter’s town square for information, news, and entertainment.

New Twitter account holders will likely see 500 posts a day.

The catch

TweetDeck has been in preview for almost two years and the unpopular catch is that the platform may only be available for verified only users, which translates to users paying for the platform.

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