Meta’s Threads, the first set of problems, challenges

Meta’s assumed response to Elon Musk’s Twitter is here and with something new always comes a new set of challenges for the innovators to carry.

The idea is sustainable on thought alone considering some rough sees on the Twitter ocean currently, but can Threads really take some of its infant stage challenges that seem to be throwing some pretty massive head swings?

First on the list of challenges are the massive amount of new users that have jumped ship.

You should read Clock ticking for Zuckerberg’s Threads, users jump ship as Threads untwirls where we highlight the reasons behind some initial user challenges that Threads appears to be mudded with.

User retention

In the piece, a noteworthy challenge is user retention, which appears to be the issue on the table as the app loses its popularity with over a 20% decrease in active users and more than a 50% percent decrease in the time spent on the app.

While Meta has earmarked Threads as a Twitter alternative it seems Twitter may have the last laugh this year as the Threads app buckles past its infancy stage.

The app is currently under various constant tweaks as Meta continues to polish what could be the next Twitter if done right.

No desktop version

Try typing Threads on your desktop and you’ll be met with descriptions and colourful articles that simply highlight an app that offers users the ability to post and share text, images, and videos where they can interact through posts, replies, reposts, and likes.

No chronological order

Threads offers no option to view posts in a clean and clear format yet.

Threads, as a great idea as it may be, faces a number of incoming if not present challenges.

Scalability, or handling a large user base and increased demand will require robust software architecture and hardware to accommodate the growth without sacrificing performance.

Security, and the protection of data will also be a deciding factor on whether users stay with the social app or continue to leave.

Cyber attacks or breaches are a critical challenge that many online social apps continuously face and maybe a challenge Threads constantly may have to tackle.

User experience.  Using the platform currently does have its frustrations such as the app minimizing when busy or taking forever to load a video, but design and a quick and effective interface that caters to a wide range of users will be an added benefit, but this will require better, quicker testing and feedback.

Functioning operating systems and continuous performance optimization will be required to ensure responsible interactions, which remain essential to keep users engaged.

These challenges will rear their ugly head with any new social app, and we hope Threads has factored in the road ahead as it threads its way to becoming a social platform with an edge.

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