The necessary shift forward for education, tech transformation

Technology plays a vital role in most educational institutions, and the advancement including necessary investment forward is pivotal.

Tech has increased to not only be a solution to many challenges faced by educational faculties, but it has created efficient and secure learning spaces that empower students to thrive in a now-titled digital age.

The importance of investing right

Schools and or institutions should be prioritizing the right investments in technology that will aid in streamlining the educational process instead of complicating it.

It is critical for educational institutions to think holistically across their full technology footprint and spend their money wisely as they work towards a long-term vision, according to Esti Kilian, Head of Product at managed business services provider Itec SA.

“Spending your technology budget smartly is 80% about finding the right partner and planning, and 20% implementation. Many IT providers are out there selling cloud-based platforms, data management systems, and collaborative tools when all you probably need right now is tried and tested technologies in areas like document management, security, and communications, that meet your needs and follow a logical roadmap,” added Kilian.

Several schools still rely on heavily printed materials which translates to massive pressure.  This can be remedied with custom print solutions, meaning educational institutions, don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost-effective printing.

Office automation 

Office automation could be the answer as technology can simplify a majority of administrative tasks to free up educator and administrator time.

Itec’s Kevin Johnstone, who is on Consulting Executive at ItecSA says modern document management systems made printing and workflow management far more sustainable and cost-effective.

“They also make it easier to share resources between educators, create lesson plans, and collaborate on projects, regardless of their physical location. This helps create a more connected and collaborative learning environment,” added Johnstone.

Tools era

Integrated communication tools in technology such as email, instant messaging apps, video conferencing platforms, and learning management systems enable seamless communication between all stakeholders.

The challenge lies in institutions taking a long-term approach to investing in institutional communication tools, and this often translates to teachers and lecturers still reliant on legacy systems such as phones and switchboards

The transition needs to factor the future in mind.

Technology in its broad sense plays a significant role in the forging of a creative, safe, and secure learning environment for learners.

“Even implementing a proper contact centre is a major step forward. It’s not about the technology, as much as a change in thinking about customer experience, in which you treat your students as customers,” according to Itec’s Mitel Product and Pre-Sales Manager, Hannes van der Merwe.

“By creating a pathway to the future, we can help educational institutions take care of their most critical priorities without breaking the budget.”

Technology can be a massive benefit for any sector, and it is imperative that the shift forward should be done in collaboration with stakeholders who want to walk the journey of improvement to ensure all evolved needs are constantly met.

In this way, the education sector will secure benefits as well as cost-saving measures that the right technology brings.

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