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Electric vehicle pioneer Elon Musk was celebrating this week by praising Tesla’s new autopilot feature incoming for newer models.

Musk who has taken the electrical motor industry to unchartered territories said the feature promised a new way to travel after several users on social media showed the autopilot feature in use.

The full self-driving system is still under testing although currently available to a number of beta testers.

Autonomous driving is being made accessible to drivers and it’s free from Tesla. This means access to a system that features traffic-aware cruise control to match the speed of surrounding traffic.

The car will auto-steer the vehicle to keep passengers including the driver inside the clearly marked road lanes.

The bad news for Musk.

If you don’t know yet, Tesla has received a special order from the National Highway Transportation Administration requesting more data about the autopilot system.

The transportation administration is keen to know how this incoming “Elon Mode” titled feature works as it urges motorists to remove their hands from the steering wheel which goes against road usage policies.

Elon Mode explained

So technically EVehicles will request some form of resistance from the driver after certain intervals.  This resistance is required on the steering wheel and this feature which blinks on the cars touch screen is known as nag, as it nags the driver to confirm driving.

The feature intended to be a security feature can be bypassed by the looks of things which has received a reaction from the Transportation Administration.

Tesla and Elon may soon have to defend themselves in court over the allegations that the company’s autopilot driver assistant feature caused an accident.

The lawsuits, one scheduled for mid-September at a California state court, argue over Tesla’s autopilot system causing a man’s car to veer off the highway in the east of Los Angeles.

The second trial is scheduled for October in Florida state.

A car drove under an 18-wheeler big rig truck which sheared off the Tesla driver’s roof and killed the owner.

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