Netflix password sharing axe is working, password crackdown spreads

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Some Netflix users may still be looking over their shoulder to see if the crackdown to stop freeloaders will finally reach their hideout.

In December 2022 Netflix indicated a spirited effort to clamp down on password sharing in an effort to salvage lost revenue.

The move which meant freeloaders would be left in the cold would tell that Netflix had a plan to increase their turnover, which translated to a stop to subscribers sharing passwords, especially those living under different roofs.

The plan

The plan was simple, to make the subscriber pay for additional members.

Should Netflix pick up that a subscriber in different locations shared passwords, the default solution would be to get someone to pay for the relationship of convenience.

Is the password-sharing clampdown working?

The Netflix policy change has seen Netflix arguing to charge around $3 to include members.  The streaming service made another shift around November to allow users to kick off accounts from their profiles themselves.

The curb password-sharing campaign is working according to recent reports which highlight a steadily growing turnover.

Those sharing passwords with ex-boyfrineds/girlfriends have fast realized the wrath of a Netflix policy that is designed to prevent sharing passwords with anyone outside of a designated household.

Yes, the goal is to get the freeloader to reach in their own pockets, and according to the latest Netflix earning report, there’s a noticeable shift in the direction that benefits the streaming service.

The new Netflix policy focuses on location tagging.

Family members under one roof are safe but those exes who moved out must pay.

The new policy allows users to set and log their household location or the streaming service will do it for you based on the IP address information of your account.

I wonder what happens to someone using your account a few cities away.  Do they just wake up shocked, at how Netflix repossessed their service?

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